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The Dynamax Door Gym has versatility and convenience covered. Built using a cantilever design, this accessory simply hooks around your door frame without the worry of it being a permanent fixture.


With 5 padded grip positions you have a variety of exercises to choose from to strengthen and tone the upper body. When placed on the ground the Dynamax Door Gym doubles as parallette bars providing a complete upper body workout.


Colour: Black
  • Specification and Features

    • Anti-marking materials minimise damage to the frame
    • Cantilever design utilises your body weight
    • Extremely versatile with 5 grip positions
    • Functions as parallette bars when placed on the floor
    • Hooks around the door frame without any installation
    • Provides a full upper body workout to build strength and tone muscles
  • Dimensions

    93 cm x 40 cm x 16 cm

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