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Designed with numbered targets for striking practice, the Inspire Boxing bag is ideal for those looking to hone their accuracy and precision.


Dual rings allow the bag to be hung via bars or by a wall mount making it ideal for home use. The soft PU surface and cotton/synthetic fibre stuffing make the bag comfortable to strike yet durable enough to sustain continual use.


Included in the set are the X7 Inspire Smartie Pads and the 8oz X7 Inspire Gloves; covering all bases in the development of boxing skill whilst providing plenty of protection and comfort.


Colour: Black / Azure Green
  • Specification and Features

    • 8oz gloves for added security and comfort
    • Includes: X7 Inspire Smartie Pads, 8oz X7 Inspire Gloves & X7 Inspire Boxing Bag
    • Numbered targets for striking
    • Smartie pads for accuracy and precision
    • Thick foam padding across the set for protection
  • Dimensions

    Boxing Bag - 28.5 cm dia. x 63 cm (approx)

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