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Born in the USA in 1985, it's our ambition to be the most aspiring and relevant brand in the fitness industry.

Our heritage, passion for fitness, and determination to help everyday people achieve their fitness goals, has earned us a position of authority within fitness training.

We're not just here to simply provide the tools to get fit.

We get that making the human body that bit fitter, leaner, stronger, happier, is no easy ride.

But we're here to help and inspire greatness in all of those who choose to join us.


We work to live, we don’t live to work.
Bound together by adventure, identified by an X.
We dream big and thrive on new experiences.
Motivated by achievement, we push to feel stronger, healthier and happier.
We work for it, we sweat for it, we conquer it.
We are Dynamax. 

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