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The Dynamax Tube Trainer is an ideal one-piece fitness item that allows you to reap the benefits of boxing and martial arts training in the comfort of your own home.


Made with a dense foam padding and a durable leather covering, this tube trainer is able to handle solid hits. With built-in spring reflex technology, you can rely on a responsive target to sharpen your offensive and defensive skills.


Colour: Black
  • Specification and Features

    • 360 degree training develops both movement and striking
    • Built-in handles for easy manoeuvrability
    • Dense foam padding creates a responsive surface
    • Develop upper body strength, tone muscles and improve cardio endurance
    • Leather cover handles repetitive use
    • Spring reflex tech improves timing and accuracy
    • Sturdy and stable with sand or water filled base
    • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Dimensions

    68 cm dia. x 170 cm

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