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  • Ensure you allow a distance of at least 200 cm in every direction between the RunningPad and any obstruction

  • Suitable footwear such as trainers must be worn whilst used the RunningPad, sandals, flip-flops or slippers are not suitable

  • Make sure the RunningPad is on a level and even ground before use, the RunningPad should be on a solid, flat surface and not soft, cushioned or thick carpet

  • Always disconnect the RunningPad from mains power when not in use

  • Step only on the walking surface and not the edges of the RunningPad

  • The RunningPad is designed for adult human use only and is not suitable for children under the age of 14, or animals and pets

  • Walk in a forward direct only, it is not advised to walk backwards or sideways 

  • More than 1 person on the machine at the same time is strictly prohibited

  • If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your GP before using the RunningPad


  • The RunningPad should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and dust

  • The running deck must be lubricated with silicone oil - check the surface underneath the running belt monthly to ensure it stays moist. If it dries, apply 10 ml of silicone oil directly onto the surface underneath the revolving belt

  • Do not store the RunningPad on any of its edges, always lay it flat, with the moving surface facing up

  • If you must clean the running surface, use a slightly dampened cloth and leave to dry before using the RunningPad again

  • If the belt starts to shift from it's central position, you can re-align it using an allen key to adjust the position of the belt

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